Lots of people have started keeping tiny pigs as pets. Now they don't stay this size forever, but micro pigs make great pets and generally say under 35lbs of fun! Check it out!

I am really sold on how smart a pig is. I mean just look at the movie Babe. It has to be true if it's on a movie. I just like my pets a little smaller. Small cat, small dog, nothing in my house that I can't pick up and take under my arm in an emergency.

Now that I think about it, I would be quite the sight. House on fire, tiny purse dog and a cat under each arm. Hopefully my wife and daughter will be home at the time and I can blame the tiny pets on them. But seriously it's all me. I love them, and now that I think of it personally picked them both out. So my man card is already been revoked. I can watch this seriously cute pig without any fear of my manhood being questioned.