Beyonce Loses Blue Ivy to Grisora the Witch
Unlike other Beyonce/Jay-Z/Blue Ivy conspiracy theories, this one is supposed to be silly. The Onion posted a video today with a possible explanation as to why Blue’s birth was under such high security: Years ago, Beyonce promised her first born in exchange for fame.
Beyonce Baby Pictures: What We Know So Far
When Brangelina’s twins were born, the couple was paid like a bazillion dollars — actually $12 million — for the first images. Brad and Angelina promptly donated the money to charity, with Angelina Jolie saying she did so in order to control where the images ended up and how. It was a savvy mother-p…
Beyonce Rumored to Give Birth Any Day Now
Beyonce Baby Watch 2011/2012 is in full effect. While the actual due date of the infant has been the source of much speculation (Bey said she was expecting in February at one point and then referred to herself as six months pregnant in the “Oh Baby!” spoof video), sources say that Bey’s bundle of jo…
Hospital Gives Christmas Spirit With Santa Baby Hats
During the month of December guests at Memorial Medical Center in Lufkin will see tiny Santas with proud new parents.
The Epsilon Kappa Master chapter of Beta Sigma Phi has once again taken time to make small Santa hats for babies born during the month of December at Memorial...
Ellen Trout Zoo To Display Rare Baby Antelope [PHOTO]
On November 23, 2011, a rare antelope, the Bay Duiker, was born at Ellen Trout Zoo.  Bay duikers are a small antelope normally seen in forests of Africa.  This baby boy weighed less than 3.5 pounds when born.  Duikers are nocturnal – going out at night to forage...
Beyonce Films ‘Oh Baby!’ Video
Oh baby! Remember those pesky rumors that Beyonce isn’t really pregnant and that she has been wearing a prosthetic baby bump? Yeah, we know, we had forgotten about them, too, since they were so preposterous. Well, it turns out that Bey filmed a video about all the hype surrounding her pregnancy duri…
Justin Bieber Is Going to Take a Paternity Test
The Justin Bieber baby daddy case is becoming more and more like an episode of ‘Maury’ with each passing day. The Biebs wants to prove he is not the father of Mariah Yeater’s son, and he has agreed to submit to a paternity test in order to clear his good name.

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