Barbie is Getting Her Own Live-Action Movie
Not to be outdone by 'Jem and the Holograms,' Barbie will also be getting her own live-action movie -- but of course homegirl has to one-up the competition, so she's getting a franchise because dream homes and matching pink cars aren't cheap, you know.
If Barbie Had Real Girl Measurements…
Artist Nickolay Lamm is responsible for the new-and-improved Barbie. "He transferred CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) measurements of an average 19-year-old woman to make the 3-D model, then used photoshop to liken the doll to a Barbie."
LSU Barbie? Believe It! Geaux Mattel!
Yep, even in Texas, LSU fans flourish. We just have to keep a low profile! With that being said, I love Barbies. I have a Barbie collection... Literally hundreds of perfectly formed, fashionable dolls, pristine in their boxes, stored in airtight bins, just in case I ever have a daughter of my own to…