More Bathing Suits are Catering to Our Curves
Today may not be the day to try on a bathing suit after wolfing down a pizza, a pound of wings, and a tub of queso at the football party yesterday. But with more retailers giving us options regardless of body type, it's time for a pact girls -- embrace the curves!
Bikini Profile Pics Get 10x More Dates
That's the secret ladies.  Wear a bikini in your profile pic and you'll get more dates.  Do those get your attention the most guys?  Is that a dumb question?  And do the drink pics and travel pics have an impact?
Old Sofia Vergara Commercial from the 90’s [VIDEO]
Just the other day, we were enjoying this 90s commercial Sofia Vergara did for Pepsi and today another old commercial featuring the curvaceous actress has surfaced. And, yes, she's in a bikini again.
Check out this 1998 spot for Bally fitness, which may be somewhat NSFW due to the part where So…