Look Asian People Eat Weird Things [VIDEO]
Some foods that we eat everyday must seem pretty strange and foreign to people in other countries. I have been trying to eat better, and I think this food would for sure keep my calorie count down.
Mom Shaves Kids Heads With Numbers To Tell Them Apart [VIDEO]
These quadruplets have shaved numbers into their heads. No they aren't in trouble for a haircut gone wrong their mother did it just to be able to tell them apart. As you can plainly see in the picture, and the video, the numbers 1-4 are plain to see to help better identify them. The...
Rolling In The Deep…Chinese Style [VIDEO]
I thought I had seen every possible way to remix this song, but leave it to You Tube to dig up this amazing version.  I think I saw a lady play this recently on an episode of Storage Wars.  Pretty interesting sounding instrument!  Perhaps if Adele was born in China the song would have…