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Clay Aiken May Run for Political Office
From 'American Idol' to political office? Well, stranger things have happened (like Kumar from 'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle,' aka actor Kal Penn, becoming a White House staffer). Season 2 'American Idol' runner up Clay Aiken, who is openly gay, is considering ru…
Clay Aiken Thinks Rihanna Is Pitchy [VIDEO]
Um, rude much?! Clay was on Watch What Happen Live and was asked which pop star he thought wouldn't make it past the first round if they were on American Idol. And he chose Rihanna, because he thinks she has pitch problems! In his defense, I'm not sure if there's a good answer to that…
American Idol 10th Anniversary CD
It's a compilation cd that is marking American Idol's 10th season on Fox. It'll be in stores on March 15th but you can pre-order it on the American Idol site now. The disc will feature the biggest hits from all 9 winners along with some others that have been just as successful.