New Orleans Court Stops Texas Execution
A Texas inmate received a last minute stay of execution Wednesday, and his lawyers say he's suffering from mental illnesses.  It's a case that's been closely watched by the national media, and has given fuel to the conversation about whether someone that's mentally ill shoul…
Doesn’t Look Good For Lindsay Lohan
I really think that she should be able to get off on this one, but people keep saying it's going to be the real deal and she is going to jail.   I am getting bored with this though, I think she can't just be famous anymore for being famous.  She really needs to be making hit…
Bruno Mars Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession
When Bruno Mars sings "Cuz you're amazing, just the way you are," does he mean it when he's sober, or high on cocaine?
Looks like Mars, aka Peter Hernandez, will need to stay clean for 12 months if he doesn't want to go to prison for his bad habit.