Dancing With The Crutches Is Amazing [VIDEO]
Old and busted "Dancing With The Stars".  Sweet new hotness - "Dancing With Crutches".  I can't really tell from the video if this guy actually needs those crutches.   I would vote no.   Perhaps he did need them a while back and now has ov…
Dancing Man at Bus Stop Becomes Internet Sensation [VIDEO]
Last Friday, Reddit user JackMomma shared a video of a twentysomething man dancing at a bus stop. According to his post, his wife shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube after she noticed the man would dance the same dance at the same bus stop every single day.
Big Kid and Little Kid Show Off Amazing Dance Moves [VIDEO]
I wish I had sweet dance skills like these boys have!
This goes to show that one of the downsides to YouTube is that it provides a steady stream of evidence that I am a terrible dancer. 
The latest set of humbling dance moves comes from what we believe to be two brothers, one big and one sma…
DWTS Starts Tonight!
Eleven celebrities will step into the Dancing with the Stars ballroom for the first time on Monday night, when the 12th season of the hit ABC series premieres. KIRSTIE ALLEY, RALPH MACCHIO, talk show host WENDY WILLIAMS, reality TV star KENDRA WILKINSON and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver HINES…