What Texans Call Their Dads
The first sounds that babies make are usually with p and d, and that's why names like Papa and Dada attach themselves to fathers from the very beginning. What do you call your dad? Texans are falling right into line with the rest of the country, but we are making one huge mistake.
Honoring Your Father – Get the Tissues Ready
This appeared in my inbox and I just had to read the whole thing. It was sent by a listener of mine, Samantha Smith Schleben, and it's letter/story about her family and her father... the hardship they've been through and how much he means to her. Get out the tissues. You're going to n…
Snoop Dogg to Play Dad in NBC Sitcom
"Whom is yo Daddy?"  Well, Snoop-de-o-double g of course!
Snoop Dogg's role as a dear old dad in a family sitcom looks like it's still happening.  NBC has given the show a script commitment, according to Deadline.com.
Calvin Broadus, is his real name and he is no…