Lazy Chicken Takes Tortoise for a Ride [VIDEO]
When it comes to getting around, nothing beats the comfort and style of a tortoise. Sure there are faster methods of travel, but how many come with their own driver? Or feature premium tortoise shell styling inside and out? Just one, and that’s why more chickens choose tortoises when…
Paco the Crime-Fighting Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers [VIDEO]
When Eric Knight adopted his Chihuahua, Paco, from a shelter five years ago, he had no idea the pint-sized canine led a double-life as a superhero.
Two armed robbers who recently tried to shake down Knight’s cigar store in Altadena, California found out the hard way. They got far enough in the heist …
FAIL Compilation! (VIDEO)
I love the internet. You can find some of the most random stuff known to man. My favorite are the 'Fail' videos and I stumbled across a compilation of 'Fails' for June 2011. I sincerely hope you enjoy this as much as I did. #Epic Fail Watch out, there are some fleeting expletives
Woman Constantly Falls Asleep While Laughing
Claire Scott's medical condition is a laughing matter.
The 24-year-old British woman suffers from a rare disorder called cataplexy, in which she falls asleep whenever she laughs. The rare condition has caused her to pass out as many as 50 times each day since she was a wee little lass.
Is Everybody Getting Fangs? [VIDEO]
I wonder if Brad would like this girl? When I saw Madison on the Bachelor I thought she was crazy and creepy for having fangs. Then I came across this video. I love the way it starts, makes me laugh every time.

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