11 Painful Sunburns We Never Want to Experience
Recently we've been discussing the best things about summer, like Slip N' Slides and lemonade. OH yes. But with the good obviously comes the bad, and in this case, the really bad. Brace yourself folks, because we've scoped out some pretty awful sunburn fails we never want to experienc…
10 Slip N’ Slide Fails to Avoid This Summer
We understand this is a very difficult question, but what’s the best part about summer? Barbeques are great and so are poolside shenanigans, but nothing compares to the greatest warm weather invention in all the lands—the Slip N’ Slide.
If Stuff From the ’90s Was Made Today
If we're going to wax all nostalgic about things, let's not even compare the way things used to be to the way things are now. Let's instead lament how HORRIBLE it would be if things from the past were invented today.
K-Mart is Going to Let You “Ship Your Pants!” [VIDEO]
Kmart’s new “Ship My Pants” TV commercial is a viral video hit. There’s even a #ShipMyPants hashtag on Twitter. The premise of the funny ad is simple: the word ‘ship’ sounds like another word.... you know.
Throw in a kid who gleefully informs his father that he can’t wait to ship his pants and an eld…

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