‘Guess Who’ Prank Turns Hilariously Awkward
If you know anything about us here at TheFW, it's that we love a good, harmless prank. Cell phone crashing and embarrassing people with talking elevators are just a couple we particularly fancy. Basically, we'd like to think of ourselves as joking experts. So when we recently came across a prank we'…
Meet Dragon Baby [VIDEO]
Dragon baby is the total shizz!!! He takes down that backyard dragon without even looking for help from mom and dad... Or needing a diaper change!
‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Brothers Get Their Own Show
Some people spend a lifetime working on an honing their craft in order to get their big break. Others just have their finger bitten (twice, to be fair). Charlie and Harry Davies-Car, of 'Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!' fame, are going to have their own web series, produced by Viral Sp…

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