Special Pokemon Go Is Coming to East Texas for Halloween
The last time around, Pokemon Go invaded East Texas with hundreds of people looking for characters, and police had to issue a warning about resisting the urge to trespass looking for Pikachu.
Now there's a special new Halloween version of Pokemon Go coming that starts today, and here are th…
Today Is The Worst Day to Travel
If you're hitting the road this afternoon, there's one specific 3-hour window where you might find yourself stuck in traffic and wishing you had left earlier.  Like yesterday.  It's the peak travel time for the entire holiday driving period, and here's the hea…
Geeks, Games, and Gadgets Invade Nacogdoches!
It's a hot day to wear a thick rubber Cosplay Costume in East Texas. But are out in mass to see the celebrity guests and be a part of everything going on here at our event today Geeks, Games, and Gadgets.
We Are Stuffing Goodie Bags For GGG!
So it has begun, the stuffing of the goodie bags. This is when an event really starts coming together. You are going to love the stuff you'll get when you come to Geeks, Games, and Gadgets!
KFox 955 Let’s Play – Goat Simulator [VIDEO]
With the Geeks, Games, and Gadgets event right around the corner, I am starting a new video series in which I play wacky games that are somewhat family safe and sometimes silly. Since I had a conversation with a goat a few weeks ago, we already had tons of goat audio, so this was a shoe in!

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