Hilarious Golf Guy Stereotypes [VIDEO]
With the 4th of July literally kicking off within hours, there will be a lot of men hitting the links for some R&R. I know my husband and his golfing buddies have their own way of doing things and frankly, they specialize in all kinds of excuses and talking smack! Do...
Rapping Pint Size Golfer Putts Like A Boss [VIDEO]
This is Caleb Corsa, aka Caleb C.  At only 5 years old, he is new to the rap game.  Caleb is from Allentown, PA and his favorite sport is golf. So much so he’s gonna rap about it!
Caleb and his dad made the video after practicing golf swings in their backyard...
Guy Takes a Hard Hit and Becomes Unhappy Gilmore! [VIDEO]
One of my favorite movies of all time is Happy Gilmore.   I think the one thing that really stood out about Happy in the movie was his unorthodox swing technique.   So these three guys take a running start and address the ball, just like Adam Sandler in the movie...
EPIC! Feathers Fly At US Open (VIDEO)
I don't know what happened at your house last weekend, but at my house, my hubby was watching the US Open! In fact, for Father's Day Sunday, I had to take him shopping to look for the plush tiger club cover that Tiger Woods was sporting over the weekend.
Enter The Sunshine Open Golf Tournament Now!
The  2012 Sunshine Golf Tournament will be the 30th annual event for this amazing charity.   It will be at the Lufkin Country Club Saturday, June 9th with a Tee Time of 9am.  It's sponsored by the Volunteer Services Council and benefits the Lufkin State Supported Living Center…
I’d Call This A Hole In One (VIDEO)
Most golfers dream of a hole in one... Eagles and birdies fill fill their hopes as well. But occasionally, the reality of a stray shot will break windows or hit other golfers. But this might be the shot of the century, nay, the millennium!