2 Chainz and the $300 Burger [WATCH]
The last burger I ate cost about six bucks. I've had fancy $20 burgers before. But $300 for a burger, no fries, and no drink!? And it's not even supersized?? 2 Chainz, what are you thinking?!
Harvard Student Sends Burger To Space! [VIDEO]
I think the hamburger is the perfect food.  Wimpy and the Hamburgular would agree, but I don't think they would want to send one into outerspace, they would rather eat it. A group of friends from Harvard University launched a hamburger into space and recorded it for posterity. Loc...
May Is National Hamburgers Month
Whether you like yours with extra pickles or without onions, smothered in melted cheese or topped with bacon, you'll be excited to know May is National Hamburger Month.
National Hamburger Month isn't exactly a sanctioned event and greeted with the same fervor as, say, Memorial Day, but it does have r…