Lufkin is Hot, But It Could Be Worse
Texas has 15 of the 30 hottest cities in the US, with more than 100 days each year above 90. Ouch!
The hottest city in America has average temps of 106 in July.  Any guess what city that is?  And see what Lufkin's average summer temp should be.
Just How Hot Will It Be This Summer?
Last summer was hot. Miserably hot. But meteorologists are predicting that this summer might not be so bad.
Might we actually be able to leave our air-conditioned homes, schools, and offices at 4 p.m. without pain? Will the pools be cool and refreshing, instead of feeling like bath water?
More Tips For Staying Cool
Okay, it's another hot East Texas day, and you are trying to stay cool.   Yesterday we talked about staying cool outside (most of those tips involve water) and we will have more of those to come, but today's hint is for inside.  I have a problem at my house, that it gets so …
‘We’re Having A Heat Wave – A Tropical Heat Wave!’
Well it is supposed to get very hot today. a hot summer overall this year. I thought I would start a little series of helpful hints to stay cool outside and inside your home or workplace. I have lived here in the humidity and sweat of East Texas all my life. I wouldn't have it any other way. That be…