Jennifer Aniston

Courteney Vs. Jennifer = Cat Fight (VIDEOS)
After 17 years of friendship, there some major issues sitting between Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. And it's all because Jenn doesn't approve of Courteney's life style.
Since Courteney split from her husband David Arquette, she's been acting like a carefree single lady.…
Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape [VIDEO]
Don't worry, there's no actual sex here.  It's just an interesting ad for Smart Water with Jennifer Aniston.  There are, however, lots of puppies and dancing babies.
Jennifer Aniston Debuts Fancy New Haircut
Jennifer Aniston said recently that she's going to try to simplify her life.  She's selling her California mansion for $42 million, and showed up today in Spain with significantly less hair.

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