Crack Head Kid Is At It Again! [VIDEO]
This is a thing now. This is my first chance to discover 'Crack Head Kid.' It started as some Vine Videos of this kid playing a little b-ball. Now it's evolved into a full mega mix!
Rapping Pint Size Golfer Putts Like A Boss [VIDEO]
This is Caleb Corsa, aka Caleb C.  At only 5 years old, he is new to the rap game.  Caleb is from Allentown, PA and his favorite sport is golf. So much so he’s gonna rap about it!
Caleb and his dad made the video after practicing golf swings in their backyard...
9 Year Old Discusses the Meaning of Life [VIDEO]
I have a 9 year old.  If I asked him these questions he would make a fart noise and ask for a new Skylander.  So this kid has a pretty good handle on what's what in the universe and what life is all about.
FYI – That Kid Snatching Eagle Video? FAKE [VIDEO]
It's kind of like that video of the wedding party to Chris Brown's Forever, you want it to be real, but it's a big old FAKE. (FYI, if those were professional dancers, they should be ashamed!) Not that I want a kid to be kidnapped by an eagle because I don't BUT I hate it when I f…
I Have Burgers! Warning – Gross [VIDEO]
Came across this video today.  If you are a parent a little snot won't get you that grossed out.  But for some reason I just think it's hilarious.  Cute kid enjoying some cereal goes to boogie town. Would you post this video of your kid?

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