HE-Man Is Sexy And You Know It [VIDEO]
Okay so when I was a kid I had HE-Man action figures.  They were NOT dolls.  It was very manly I promise, especially with all those bulging muscles.  Well now HE-Man has gotten the LMFAO treatment.  Apparently someone has too much time on their hands, and I am glad they did...
LMFAO Set a Billboard Record
It’s hard to imagine Top 40 radio without the ubiquity of LMFAO‘s dance anthems — in part because they’ve been on the charts pretty much since their inception. As a result, the Day-Glo duo are on their way to making Billboard history.
LMFAO Concert Venue Catches Fire
Fire broke out during LMFAO‘s show Wednesday night in Honduras, cutting short the concert and forcing fans into the streets. At least 15 people were treated for smoke inhalation, but fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, TMZ reports.
LMFAO Apologizes for Partying Too Much
Here’s the power of positive thinking for you: in 2008, LMFAO titled its debut EP ‘Party Rock,’ and earlier this year, they scored a massive worldwide hit single with ‘Party Rock Anthem.’
Now, they’re the life of the party, a…