Fear Losing Your Smart Phone? There’s a Name For That.
Quick story.  I was shopping in the grocery store the other day and set my phone down in the restroom.  About 15 minutes later, I realized I didn't have my phone and I got that panicky feeling that hits when you imagine you might miss a text.  Yikes!
Snooki Lost 42 Pounds, Poses for Bikini Shots
'Jersey Shore' star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi shows the world her new body in latest issue of US Weekly. Snooki has lost 42 pounds since having her first child, Lorenzo in August. While I was enjoying holiday dinners, she has been cutting back and hitting the gym.
Found: Lost Roll Of Film [VIDEO]
I came across this video blog about a guy that found a lost roll of film in a park in Brooklyn. He had them developed and they were actually very good shots. Perhaps you can help us find the people that the roll of film belongs to? DP