Lady Gaga to Make Movie Debut?
Lady Gaga is reportedly set to make her film debut in the forthcoming ‘Men In Black’ sequel. While one might expect such news to come via a tweet from Gaga herself, word spread like wildfire on the web after franchise star Will Smith accidentally spilled the beans to a Brazilia…
Another 2011 Movie Montage… Thing (Video)
I know... I KNOW! We're all 2011'ed out and have already moved on to bigger and better things! (Unless you're a Mayan?)
But here's one more montage of movies from 2011 (and before... just watch you'll see what I mean.)
Watch Stuntman Damien Walters’ Amazing Skills Video
I met my friend Damien back in 2004 at an international competition for power tumbling.
The comical British tumbler was always one of my favorite athletes to watch compete because of his speed, power and huge tricks. Now, he's a YouTube sensation, and known for his impressive stunts on the …

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