Snooki’s Baby Bump
Oh the agony! I can't believe I had to view these outfits to check out the bump!!! Why, oh why, does Snooki think brown animal prints go with black and white prints? And when did cut out jeans or leggings with lace EVER become popular?
Dev Launching MTV Special
Dev is the subject of an upcoming MTV special, dubbed simply ‘DEV,’ which airs May 23 at 11PM ET on the network. Why Dev? Well, she has quite a story: She’s been working her butt off to become a pop star (in her downtown L.A. digs) but then became pregnant last …
Guy Cries On The Slingshot NSFW (VIDEO)
As you've probably heard me mention, I generally keep MTV on in the background (on silent of course) when I'm in the studio. I saw this video on MTV's Ridiculousness yesterday and DIED laughing!
Teen Mom Leah Messer Marries (Again)
Leah Messer is 19-years-old and one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom 2. She's got twin daughters with ex-husband Corey Simms. And over the weekend, she got hitched. Again. This time around, it's to a regular (read: non-famous) guy named Jeremy Calvert. And oh yes, MTV was there filming …
Caged – After The Season Finale (VIDEO)
I fell in love with Caged this season! I'm really hoping MTV picks it up for a second season. Monday night was the season finale and it was action packed with an appearance by Tito Ortiz. If you missed it or haven't caught it on your DVR yet, I don't want to ruin anything for you BUT I do have video…

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