Why Was Kellie Uninvited From A Party?
Kellie finally got invited to a Super Bowl party with a group of her friends, but during a commercial break she learned that she was removed from the conversation and all of a sudden uninvited from the party.
Millennials Prefer Bourbon Over Vodka
Football season is coming up, and that means the Cowboys on TV on Sunday afternoons, steaks on the grill, and perhaps an adult beverage in hand.  What's your booze of choice?  If your tastes are changing you're not alone.
Club Tabby’s “Parents’ Night Out” is This Friday in Lufkin
Club Tabby is the place in Lufkin that makes little girls' dreams come true.Whether she wants to be a rock star, movie star or even a princess, they have everything she needs! So parents, here's your chance to let your little girl live out her dreams for one night, with the gang at Club Ta…
29th Annual Expo Party Coming Soon!
The Expo Party, Wednesday May 9th,  is always a fun time for everyone involved.  This is a great way to support our expo center!  That's because all proceeds benefit the George H. Henderson, Jr. Exposition Center.  It starts at 6:30 in the Expo Center Main Arena...

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