Texas Isn’t Following the Baby Name Trends
Olivia is the most popular baby name in America for girls right now, and it's Asher for boys.
But leave it to Texas to be a little independent about all that and resist the trends.  It looks like we've got other baby naming ideas in mind.
Fake Trees are Most Popular, But What Color?
If you have an artificial Christmas tree you're in the norm.  Two-thirds of us have the fake trees, and less than 1 in 5 go to the work of hauling a real one home on the roof of the car.
The most popular artificial tree color in Texas falls right in line with the rest of the country, a…
10 Popular 2012 Halloween Costumes in Lufkin [PHOTOS]
I know it's only August 2nd, but Halloween is just around the corner, and many stores are already preparing for the holiday by selling decorations, candy and costumes!
My friends and I used to try and plan our group Halloween costumes ahead of time by researching popular yet original ideas. One year …
#1 Song of 2010 [VIDEO]
Criticized by some as being "irritating", the #1 song on our countdown achieved commercial success by topping the charts in eleven countries.
Which song could it be?
#2 Song of 2010 [VIDEO]
The collaboration between an up-and-coming rapper and the leader singer of an alternative band worked well with music lovers when it was released in the spring of 2010.
Who are we talking about?

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