Gallon Smashers Under Scrutiny [VIDEO]
"Gallon Smashing" videos that have recently gone viral all over the web are now being scrutinized by the public. Some are starting to wonder if what these boys are doing is illegal?
‘Guess Who’ Prank Turns Hilariously Awkward
If you know anything about us here at TheFW, it's that we love a good, harmless prank. Cell phone crashing and embarrassing people with talking elevators are just a couple we particularly fancy. Basically, we'd like to think of ourselves as joking experts. So when we recently came across a prank we'…
Babysitting Goes Horribly Wrong in Hilarious Prank
Although raising children is a full-time job, parents still need to blow off a little steam every now and then. But what happens when a parent indulges in several questionable adult activities while a baby is strapped to his chest? Hilarity, that's what.
The Most Terrifying Proposal Ever! [VIDEO]
I don't care what the db's on YouTube are saying about this video. At the end of this proposal, if she didn't know whether or not she loved the dude, it would have been clear! I don't want to say too much or give it away, but watch the video and tell me what you think!
Your Funny Office Pranks, This One Is Epic [PHOTO]
This is the maintenance manager at Temple Inland Diboll Lumber Operations, Marty Jones whose last day is today, April 27, 2012. This week has been a frenzy of office pranks including overturning his desk, as seen in the first picture; he didn’t even bother to turn it back over, he j…
Today’s Funny Radio Station Office Prank [PHOTOS]
While our Business Office Manager was out picking up some new plastic tables for us at Home Depot today, someone wrapped her office in toilet paper.  I call it 'terlet paper' because it's fun to say, and it's not really toilet paper.  It's one ply.  Real toile…