Prize Machine

Win $3400 Instantly With K-Fox Streetcast Today!
Join us today from 3-5pm at Steele's in the Northview Plaza Shopping Center. We are going to bring out the K-Fox Prize Machine will be there loaded up with cash!
I really love going to Steele's. The staff there is very nice and they always give me free popcorn...
Win $2600 at our K-Fox 955 Street Cast Today!
Join me today from 3pm - 5pm at America's Car Mart at 2819 South Street Nacogdoches. Come spin the K-Fox Prize Machine for your chance at winning $2,600 instantly just in time for summer vacation!
The Street Team’s at Car Mart Today
Come on out to Car Mart in Lufkin today for your chance to win free movie prizes, K-Fox and Lufkin Panther T-shirts, and even a chance to win a $200 cash giveaway from our spectacular prize machine.