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The Jenna + Part Time Justin Roommate Reality Show?!!
Jenna has been notified by her landlord that they are returning to the country and will be returning to their home that she's been renting for quite a while, so now she has a tough decision to make - where to live!
Bobbi Kristina to Have Reality Show
Bobbi Kristina Brown is on her way to recovering since the shocking death of her mother, Whitney Houston, in February. The 19-year-old reportedly has a reality show in the works documenting her life since Houston’s passing.
10 Famous Families That Deserve Reality Shows
Go ahead E!, make our day… by making Clint Eastwood's reality show. TMZ recently broke the news that this cinematic icon's family will soon be getting the Kardashian treatment. Plastic surgery and quickie divorces? No. A camera crew following the Eastwoods’ ever...
Study Says Watching Jersey Shore Could Make You Dumb
And it's not just Jersey Shore either, it's most of the reality shows on TV aimed at teens, like Teen Mom, The Real World and Sister Wives. It has now been conclusively proven, watching shows like Jersey Shore will drop your IQ.