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Click It or Ticket Campaign Starts Monday in Texas
We know you always obey the seat belt law and buckle up, but just in case you need some encouragement, the annual Click it or Ticket campaign starts Monday, and officers will be looking to hand tickets to unbuckled folks.
And what's the rule for the kids and booster seats?
If You Don’t Buckle Up in Texas, It Can Cost You
The annual Click It or Ticket campaign starts soon, meaning officers will be focused on passing out tickets to those of us that head down the road without seat belts fastened.
The dates cover Memorial Day - one of the busiest and most dangerous weekends to be out on the highway.
Click it or Ticket – For Your Pet?
Click it or Ticket, I am sure you are familiar with that one, but what about having to buckle up your pooch? Here in East Texas it's not uncommon to see a dog in the back of a pickup bed, or with it's head out the window.  But there are some new laws coming on the books...