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Demi Lovato Twerks on Simon Cowell
Demi Lovato may have said that she hates the twerking trend while her pal Miley Cyrus twerks till she can't twerk no more. But the 'X Factor' judge is not above getting her twerk on every once in a while. She twerked up on her boss Simon Cowell during last week's episode.
Simon Cowell is PISSED [VIDEO]
Watch out! Simon Cowell is seriously pissed at NBC, claiming the broke a 'gentleman's agreement.' So let me see if I can get this straight... The Voice on NBC was scheduled to kick off their new season next Monday and Tuesday. The X Factor was scheduled to premiere on Wednesday...
Britney Spears Is Reportedly Suffering From ADHD
When will people stop knocking our girl Britney? Do people not know we bow down to our shrine of Queen Britney every night before we go to bed? Let. It. Go.
The newest rumor about our Queen B is that she’s suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (something she was supposedly diagnosed…

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