Lufkin is Hot, But It Could Be Worse
Texas has 15 of the 30 hottest cities in the US, with more than 100 days each year above 90. Ouch!
The hottest city in America has average temps of 106 in July.  Any guess what city that is?  And see what Lufkin's average summer temp should be.
Texas’ Airport Wait Times Could Be Worse
There's so much more to flying than sitting on the plane, reading on your device, and eating peanuts.  A lot of flying involves waiting. Waiting for the line to move so you can board the plane, waiting for the plane to leave the gate, and waiting for the plane to reach the gate once the plane lands.
Try These Old School Methods To Beat The Heat
East Texas heat may actually be the worst all around. It's not a dry heat, and it likes to sneak up on us when we least expect it. We aren't as prepared as folks living in places that are constantly hot, and with our weather changing every five seconds, we can never be fully prepared.
6 Summer Fun Parks To Help Keep The Kids Cool
Everyone knows it's hot and humid here in Texas Forest Country. So to beat the heat we have put together this list of free, or very inexpensive, open to the public, places to cool off this Summer. Stay cool my friends!
2015’s Song Of The Summer Is…
With the summer of 2015 unofficially wrapping up on Labor Day, Billboard magazine has named their song of the summer, however it's a bit different than our online poll!
Share A Coke With Us Live Today!
Join us for a K-Fox 955 Streetcast today at Murphy USA in the Wal-mart parking lot (Thursday) from 12n - 1pm, and enter to win our Share a Coke giveaway!

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