Why Do We Dress Up For Halloween Anyway?
We carry around a secret inner desire to be Flo from Progressive all year long, and finally at Halloween we let her out!  Is that it?
The kids might have questions about Halloween, so I did some research to prep us.
Happy Friday The 13th! Are You Superstitious?
Did you know that there will be three Friday the 13th occurrences this year? The weird thing is, they are all EXACTLY 13 weeks apart!
According to some sources, it's the most widespread superstition in the United States today. Some people refuse to go to work or send their kids to school on Friday …
Why Is Friday the 13th Considered So Unlucky?
Ah, yes. Another Friday the 13th, when the ultra-superstitious will hide at home with the shades drawn and hope nothing ill befalls them. But have you ever wondered why this particular date has the power to freak out so many people?