Old TVs Create Big Trash Problems. Lufkin Offers Help.
Flat screens are everywhere now, and while they look great at our favorite bars and restaurants and on the walls at home, they've created some serious issues for city trash collections.  The old boxy TV sets that have been replaced by flat screens can't just be junked, because th…
What is Jimmy Fallon’s “Fingers On a 4×4?”
Since Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show, ratings have really taken off. Part of the ratings success is the fact that Jimmy is doing new bits and gags like this one, Fingers On a 4x4. Who knew that Jimmy was a Ford truck fan?
NBC’s Father Comedy “Guys With Kids” Is Barely Passable [VIDEO]
I tried really hard to like this new show. But it was riddled with cliches and tired humor about men being stupid. Same old same old, and I really expected more. Whitest Kids U' Know's Zach Cregger was the most fun to watch. No, his character is not even close to being fresh, but he was …