Lazy Squirrel – Cute, Win, FAIL! (VIDEO)
Epicocity!!! Toby Tuner uses that a lot in his video Cute, Win, FAIL! And you know what? It should be a word after he torments his mom in a hammock, finds the cutest/laziest squirrel EVER and then finds the epic fail...
James Durbin Eliminated From American Idol [VIDEO]
'American Idol' season 10 is officially down to the final three. Over 72 million votes were cast this week, making it the highest top-four vote ever in the history of the show.
Unfortunately, even record-breaking numbers weren't enough to save James Durbin. The 22-year-old rocker was s…
All About ‘Judas’ [VIDEO]
I'm not exactly a Biblical scholar, so Gaga's song "Judas" doesn't make much sense to me.  But, that isn't to say it has no meaning.  If you ask Gaga, and someone did ask Gaga, she'll tell you that the video isn't meant to be "a religious statement. I view it as social statement. I vi…
‘Happy Days’ Cast Sues CBS For $10 Million (VIDEO)
The happy days are apparently over.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the cast of the hit comedy series 'Happy Days' is suing CBS and Paramount Pictures, claiming they "have not been paid for their share of years of home video releases and licensed merchandise that used their im…
Lady Gaga Chats With Google [VIDEO]
She's taken the Internet, music industry and world by storm, and on Tuesday, Lady Gaga sat down for an exclusive one-hour interview with Google, in which she talked about everything from new music to viral star Rebecca Black.
During the interview, Gaga -- whose videos have been streamed over 1 billio…
BSB + NKOTB Touring This Summer [VIDEO]
New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys are touring this summer as NKOTBSB — and this ultimate boy band partnership is taking things a step further by releasing a true mash-up album, fittingly titled ‘NKOTBSB.’
The release will feature fan-selected favorites and clas…
Bieber Gives Ellen A Belated Birthday Gift [VIDEO]
Canadian superstar Justin Bieber got rid of his signature shaggy bob on Tuesday. Some of the 'Bieber Fever' fans don't like his new look, but maybe they'll change their minds once they find out what the pop star's been doing with his old locks.
On Wednesday morning, Bieber, who was a guest on The Ell…
Daredevil Ke$ha Goes $kydiving [VIDEO]
Ke$ha proved she's a crazy daredevil when she went skydiving in Australia.
Have you ever been skydiving? If so, when and where?
Click here to watch the video on PopCrush.
*WARNING: Song in the video contains a couple of explicit words.*

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