Hot Guy Horoscopes (VIDEO)
I read my horoscope every day, but your horoscope just got a little better... That's right, it's your horoscope with a hot guy reading it... So, even if you're supposed to have a crap day, it's still pretty much okay! If you want your horoscope read by a hottie, click here...
I Don’t Even Like Ground Hogs… (VIDEO)
I don't even like ground hogs... I don't think. I don't actually know any. All I know is that Thursday was Ground Hog's day and that butt head saw his shadow and that portends six more weeks of Winter.
Cougar Life [VIDEO]
My buddy was singing a commercial jingle earlier... Granted, it was to the more 'adult' version advertisement to Cougar Life, but it had me rolling laughing! Watch and enjoy the PG version here!
Another 2011 Movie Montage… Thing (Video)
I know... I KNOW! We're all 2011'ed out and have already moved on to bigger and better things! (Unless you're a Mayan?)
But here's one more montage of movies from 2011 (and before... just watch you'll see what I mean.)

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