Betty White Takes On Monday Night Football! (VIDEO)
I loved the shout out to Tim Tebow! And the fact that Betty still thinks quarterbacks are hot! But I do have to disagree... Drew Brees is pretty awesome, but he doesn't mean more than Mardi Gras or bourbon to New Orleans... Just saying! Who Dat...
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes… (VIDEO)
I remember several years ago while working in New York, we had an intern who didn't know how to use a type writer to type a simple file folder label. Several years before that, while working in Cincinnati, I caught another intern looking at a rotary phone like a pig looking at a watch...
New Katy Perry Video Trailer (VIDEO)
Katy Perry is trying to make music history and break the long held record by Michael Jackson. What does she have to do to break the record? She needs six number ones from one album and if she hits number one with The One That Got Away, she will have done it with her Teenage Dream album!
Katy Perry’s Sixth Number One? (VIDEO)
Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album is big. Like ginormous. It's was released in August of 2010 and it's already spawned five number one hits in Teenage Dream, California Gurls, Firework, E.T. and Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.). Having five number one songs off of one album is almost unhea…
8 Year Olds Cover Nicki Minaj (VIDEO)
I've been seeing this story everywhere and Nicki Minaj even suprised these two princesses on the Ellen show! With that being said, I figured I should probably go see the original video.
Grandpa’s Lip Dub (VIDEO)
I don't know what it is about a lip dub, I just dig 'em! This is one of the most fun I've seen! Let's face it, seeing a grandpa do just about anything is the height of cuteness! When you add in the addition of the city's (Grand Rapids) emergency and fire squads and basically what looks like the enti…

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