Its back!  It's the 4th Annual Tamale Festival in Diboll this  Saturday!

I love a good tamale, and I was wondering how they came about and why they are just so good!

Tamales apparently go all the way  back to  7000 BC in Pre-Columbian times .  Women traveled with armies to make masa for tortillas and prepare the meats, stews, beverages, and other dishes.  As the number of men in the warring tribes of the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca cultures increased, the preparation of corn became daunting.    More portable food was called for.  The practical creativity of the women produced tamales – so I guess they were really the first MRE!  Plus they have had lots of time to perfect it!

There will be lots besides tamales going on at the Diboll Civic Center, but with so many vendors to sample tamales from, I will be a little busy!

Even though the  Tamale is a Hispanic food, I think living in Texas is close enough, and everyone is always welcome at the festival.  I remember going to the first one and doing a remote there, and just feeding my face.   I haven't been in a  couple of years.   I am really looking forward to this Saturday, and the weather will be perfect.

So you know where I will be  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.  Call the Diboll Civic Center for more details at 829-4888.