I really loved Despicable Me, and the same people that made that are going to do The Lorax!  Casting is key and I think this is going to be a great line up. Go Betty White! DP

Following her part in the 2010 film Valentine's Day, TAYLOR SWIFT has now found her second movie role: she'll provide a voice for the upcoming animated film The Lorax, based on the classic DR. SEUSS book.  The movie is brought to you by the folks who gave us Despicable Me.

The Lorax is about a boy who tries to impress the girl of his dreams.  He stumbles across the story of the Lorax, a creature who is trying to protect his world from being destroyed by industrialization.  Taylor will voice the dream girl, while the boy will the played by ZAC EFRON.  DANNY DEVITO plays the Lorax, and BETTY WHITE will play the boy's grandmother.  The cast also includes the voices of ED HELMS and ROB RIGGLE.  The Lorax will arrive in theaters March 2nd, 2012.