#that power has been on the charts for a few weeks now and the video has just recently dropped.  But that's not all that dropped.  Looks like skinny jeans with giant crotches are coming back into fashion.  I know Justin Bieber has been wearing them for awhile, but in this video it looks like will.i.am has also caught the disease.

I don't know why Justin is not actually in this video, I guess he was on tour and couldn't be in the same place as will.i.am so he just shot this alone, and they added footage of the beibs later.   It looks kinda out of place and reminds me of the 2Pac holigram or perhpas the Elvis video for "A Little Less Conversation".  Only difference is Justin is not dead, he's just phoning it in.

I really like the song, kinda wish the video wasn't a hot mess.