It's an all out onslaught of promotion from the CW and Arrow TV show premiering tonight. I went to 3 websites, and I had to click my way around or the site was skinned with promotions for the 'Arrow' show that premiers tonight on the CW. I guess they sunk a bunch of money into this show, and it better work because paying to skin the sides of TMZ can't be cheap.

The show looks like something I would have to watch alone, but you never know. It might actually have a story line. Its getting a bunch of positive reviews but they might be paying for those as well. 'Arrow' is the CW's new retelling of the DC Comics Green Arrow series, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) plays a modern-day Robin Hood set on putting things right. The story line has A LOT in common with Batman, so I am going to give it a look tonight at 7pm on the CW.