Back in the day, if you didn't have a Game Boy, you were the most uncool kid on the playground. They were a necessity for long road trips, short school bus rides, and trips to the mall with mom. Today, Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25, and I feel like an old person.

I saved up for months for my first little plastic brick. It was an electric green Game Boy Color, and it was awesome. Frogger was my jam. I loved that little green dude, and always felt terrible when he got smooshed by a passing truck.

A couple years later I stepped up to a Game Boy Advance, but it never felt right to me. The shift from a taller vertical device to horizontal didn't sit right with me, and I never really got into it.

But now, even with the attack on portable gaming coming from iPhones and Android devices, not to mention tablets, the Game Boy continues to be the go-to for a dedicated gaming machine. The current 3DS looks almost alien to me now, with two joysticks and four buttons, not to mention two screens and the ability to game in 3D.

Did you ever have a Game Boy? Do you still have one now? What's your favorite game? Tell us in the comments below!