Got a chance this Sunday to take my son to see the Lego Movie. It was really fast moving, action packed romp, though Lego worlds.

I really liked this movie. I might be a little biased growing up loving Legos and I consider myself a "Master Builder". Apparently being a master takes imagination and not instructions. This movie had a bunch of great messages for kids. Even if you think you are not special, YOU ARE. That was the main message. Also using your imagination is a big theme.

Apparently I was not alone as the movie had a huge opening weekend pulling in 69.1 million dollars. More than Frozen back in November and Happy Feet. Happy Feet was Warner Brothers last hit kids movie.

I can see both sides of the Lego worlds. One constantly striving for order and following the instructions, and then going all out and doing something imaginative with Legos. I have both of those sides to me and I think life requires both. I know my job sure does!

Warner Brothers Pictures - Lego Movie