We had our listeners download our new mobile app, and submit pictures of things they loved. Then we included the submissions into a gallery and let our fans vote on the best one. Now we have our winner!

Surprisingly we only had 7 "Lucky" contestants. Check out all the submissions below, and if you missed the few weeks where the voting polls were open, let us know in the comments who you would have voted for.

And our winner was ...

The mega Nintendo fan, Deni! We weren't quite sure she'd win because we thought our listeners would think she had enough Nintendo stuff already, but we're glad the system will go to a caring home. That Pikachu edition N64 is pretty old itself, so we know she takes good care of her game consoles.

Anyway, congratulations are in order for Deni who will be adding the game system to her already decent collection! Hopefully when she comes to claim her prize, we can coax her into plugging into one of our TVs, to go head to head with us in Mario Bros. or something. What do ya think D? Want to show us your gaming skills?

Hey if you missed out on this contest, be sure not to let another great giveaway slip by. Download our app, add us to your favorites, subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. You know the woo woo woo!