I am always down for a new gadget. If I were a rich man, or one that had to deal with a ton of different cards every day, this would be an amazing device for keeping it all in one.

This is the first time I have seen the Coin. It really is quite amazing. It can hold the information of up to 8 cards at once, and you can select from the front menu which card you use at any given time with a press of a button. It is the exact size of a credit card, and is compatible with all kinds of readers.

This thing even has a tiny screen on it, so you can see which card you are using when you select them with the button. There is also an app that you can keep more cards loaded on and switch out which 8 cards are in the Coin at any one time. Plus if you forget your card, it sends a bluetooth signal to your phone to alert you that you left it.

These are pretty cool gadgets, and at $100 dollars might be a great solution to your pile of cards in your wallet or purse. Look for them to start popping up in the summer.