Being out in the sun boosts our mood, improves sleep, and promotes vitamin D production.  Just 5 to 10 minutes a day of casual sun exposure is just the ticket to a better night sleep, and lots of other health benefits.

So how about a cost effective way to get out and do something with the family, while you get some of those rays?  Well one of my favorite ways has always been going to a local park.  I have always taken advantage of Lufkin and Nacogdoches amazing parks.  I remember as a kid being able to ride my bike to Gulf Park in my neighborhood.  Anyone remember Gulf Park?  Well it's still a park, but nothing is there now.

But my favorite park in Lufkin is Chambers Park.  I remember when I was a kid it used to even have a shallow wading pool.  But now days it has transformed to an amazing modern park.  If you haven't been in a while you should take a look.




Chambers Park is one of Lufkin's oldest park facilities.  It has been updated with a Spray Play facility and a new pavilion.  It's is a large wooded park with lots of picnic areas well suited for family and organization activities.  The park has been adopted by the Angelina Rotary Club and extensive renovation of the park was coordinated by the Lufkin Landscape Task Force.