The Twilight series is one step closer to ending.  Filming on Breaking Dawn, the two-part finale of the franchise, wrapped last Thursday in Vancouver, Canada after five months of shooting, reports  The first part of Breaking Dawn is slated to open November, while Breaking Dawn: Part 2 should hit theaters in November of next year.

Star Robert Pattinson already misses Twilight.  He told the Chicago Sun-Times, "It does feel like a breakup."  He also admits he's grown into his character, Edward, saying, "I do love the guy, it's been amazing to play the same character through so many adventures and I'm going to miss him.  It's like the last day of high school."  The 24-year-old adds, "It's so strange because my life has changed so much over these years, but Twilight and Edward Cullen will always be a part of me.  It's been my whole life.  My whole 20s.  And I wouldn't have it any other way."  (ABC ePrep)