Ready to feel old? The Spice Girls' first single 'Wannabe' was unleashed upon the world today, July 8, 1996. It is now 18, and you are now old.

'Wannabe' is now old enough to vote in a federal election. It can purchase cigarettes legally. 'Wannabe' can get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and operate it with a full license. This song can buy a lottery ticket. If 'Wannabe' was a boy and not a song, it would have to register with the Selective Service System. 'Wannabe' has graduated high school.

The Spice Girls' first single is a year older than Lorde. Katy Perry was 11 when it came out. Kesha was nine. Rihanna? Just eight years old.

Now go turn it up and dance around your bedroom like you did the first time you heard it, because it hasn't aged a day and can still hang right in there with everything else on the radio right now.