I met my friend Damien back in 2004 at an international competition for power tumbling.

The comical British tumbler was always one of my favorite athletes to watch compete because of his speed, power and huge tricks. Now, he's a YouTube sensation, and known for his impressive stunts on the big screen.

In 2006, at the European Championships, a friend of his filmed him joking around on the balance beam, competing at the 'Olympic Men's Beam Final', and posted it on YouTube.

The videos then escalated to more serious training videos involving gymnastics, power tumbling, parkour, martial arts and free running skills which eventually lead him to receive a phone call from Jackie Chan's lead stunt coordinator asking him to be a part of the movie, 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' in 2008.

Other movies Damien has been a part of include Kick-Ass, Ninja Assassin, The Eagle, I Am Number Four, Captain America: The First Avenger and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes film. He's also had the opportunity to coach Will Smith's son, Jayden Smith, gymnastics as well as receive the 2010 Taurus World Stunt Award for 'best fight scene' in Ninja Assassin.

Check out his showreel below, as well as a short interview clip of him talking about his life as a stuntman, including the injuries he sustained making the video.

Enjoy - but DON'T try these at home!

You can 'like' his official Facebook page, or subscribe to his YouTube Channel to see more videos of him flipping throughout the years.