Weird Al Yankovic released a video that pokes fun of Lady Gaga's ridiculous clothing choices.

In the "Born This Way" parody, after being born from a purple egg, Yankovic parades around in various Gaga inspired clothing choices. Some of which include a bubble dress, a bee dress, a Trojan horse head, and a porcupine "hat" if you will. The funny thing is, that all of these could have been worn by Gaga at some point or another.

Not only does Weird Al dress up in outrageous clothing, but he also takes on the form of some interesting characters; including a troll, an evil queen, Frankenstein, and even a character from 'Avatar'. His head is noticeably superimposed onto Gaga's body, which was taken from her actual music video, and makes the parody even better.

Even though Lady Gaga did give Weird Al permission to remake her song, it wouldn't be a surprise to find her rolling around on the ground laughing after watching the video.

Watch Weird Al's parody of "Born This Way" and tell us what you think!