My boss found this quarter in the lobby today.  I don't know where it came from, but since it was my birthday she gave it to me.  That got me to thinking, what can you get for a quarter.   I looked and looked, but it seems like I can get a lot of things around town for free, but that won't spend this quarter.

Did you know that you can't bend a quarter with your bare hands.  It's impossible.  Also, that it costs the U.S. Mint 10cents to make a quarter.  It costs less to make a dollar bill.  You can make a bill for 6 cents.  So it looks like event the government is upside down on this investment to start with.

Well the one thing that kept coming up during the day was candy.  It's just about the only thing you can buy for a quarter.  I love blow-pops, and 25 cents is about the going rate.  Then I thought you could go to the hardware store and get some single nails.   I need some nails.  So I am going to head to the store and spend my quarter...but it might cost more than a quarter in gas to spend it.