This is a fun video. I have 2 cats and a dog and this could not be more true.

I have always had at least one cat and a dog, but the cats usually never lived inside. Now we have 3 strictly inside animals at the house, one dog (Boo) and Jack and Frost (cats).  I have never been someone who was considered a huge fan of cats. I love the fact that when I walk in the door, both Frost and Boo both jump up and down and over each other just to get a pat on the head and a little attention.

Jack on the other hand will barely give me us a look, unless he thinks I will let his 30lbs of cat fur in my lap all night. I have never seen such a needy cat. He even lets our friends dogs lick him. I realize that this video leans more favorably towards dogs but of course each of these animals have their own special quality’s. I am not trying to start a war between cat and dog people, but feel free to give your opinion in the facebook comment section below!